Sunday, November 8, 2020

Quilt News! Color of the Month Gray,! Summer 2 Quilt Finish, Hand Binding Progress on Bright Sampler Quilt

Summer 2 small quilt finish, close-up of hand quilting.

BH&G Christmas Ideas, 2020, good inspiration issue.

My Summer 2 small quilt finish in primary colors, binding and quilting by hand.

Color Calendar color for November, 'Gray, sophisticated...'.

This is my Bright Sampler quilt, the black and white stripe binding, below, is going on this.

Page 43 in BH&G Christmas Ideas, gray is classic with these colors.

I'm hand stitching the binding onto my Bright Sampler Quilt, back view.

How the binding will look from the front.


Quilt News from the valley!
Where temperatures have dropped and it's a windy day!

Color of the month according to my color calendar is gray. Gray is a perfect neutral, it can go light or dark and support any color combination.
I chose a photo from BH&G Christmas Ideas 2020 to show lovely, sophisticated gray perfectly supporting a flower arrangement of red, green and white.
Great issue too!

I'm hand stitching the binding onto my Bright Sampler quilt, it's hand quilted, started a couple of years ago. Hand stitching the binding is a little tedious but I take breaks often and keep mixing projects up so as not to get burned out.

Also my small Summer 2 quilt is finished. I hand quilted it and used the backing for binding and hand stitched the binding down.

And that quilt friends is the quilt news, where progress and a finish and appreciating the color gray has been on the agenda.

Hope you're getting projects worked on and enjoying the fall.
Remembering to be thankful here in the valley.

P.S. One of these days I'll take time and figure out how to arrange my photos in a more coherent way.

I'll be by to visit!