Sunday, June 21, 2020

Quilt News, Hand Piecing Plaid Blocks, Wild Turkeys, Happy Summer!

Fountain at El Dorado Hills.

Folsom, Old Town clock tower.

Neighborhood Wild Turkey.

Hand piecing patchwork, fabric from thrift shop.

Happy summer and Father's Day!
Quilt News from alongside the river.
The weather is hot and good for morning sightseeing. 

The local wild turkeys stroll through the neighborhood in the morning looking for bugs. There are several adults and various sizes of youngsters, peeping as they scratch along. Fun to watch.

I hunted through a thrift shop and found some cotton plaid shirts, just the thing for a summer project.
I cut them up and measured out the fabric and I don't think the price I paid for them was any better than I can get for yardage using coupons at Jo Ann Fabric. And when Missouri Star Quilt Company has a Daily Deal and offers free shipping, it doesn't get better than that.
So I'm not at all won over that using thrift shop clothing is any great deal.
I suppose if you compared that price with the super expensive yardage at specialty shops, $14.00 a yard, well thrift shop old shirts are a better price.

Anyway it's a good experiment, and I think there's an art to shopping at thrift shops, the more you practice the better you get at it, so I've heard.

Happy Father's Day! I was going through old photos and found one of my Dad in his younger days, I sure miss him. He was dedicated and steady, priceless!

Hope you're making progress on projects, I'll be by to visit.
Remembering to be thankful alongside the river.