Wednesday, October 1, 2014

"Prairie" #3 sewing kit embellishing with hand embroidery....

Silk yo-yos have been sewn down..
Pocket close-up, felted wool needle keep on left.
Hand embroidery, buttons, beads, netting and silk yo-yos added.

October is here! The temperatures have finally dropped, it's still hot here in September.  I paid bills today, cleaned bathrooms and got a little embroidery done on "Prairie" #3 sewing kit, whew.
Check out Sharon's WIP Wednesday for inspiration and encouragement getting those projects done.


  1. I think each one of these that you make gets cuter!

  2. Are the buttons the last thing you add? Sharon says she does to avoid the thread getting caught in them. So is this hussif now completed?
    I do like the turquoise Suffolk Puffs.

    1. This is almost done. Yes, buttons and beads are some of the last embellishments I add in the layering process. The buttons are a focus point and the beads add sparkle and I really like sparkle. On to beads.

  3. another gorgeous piece Janie. I smiled at your statement that you ''cleaned bathrooms''. I have only one bathroom, cleaning that is so hard, I'm extra careful that my bathroom is clean and I have often said how happy I am that I only have one. I don't envy you more than one....