Friday, October 24, 2014

Embroidery tools and inspirations... Happy Friday!

This silver tray keeps some of my embroidery tools and pretty things close at hand. The Altoids tin
holds beads. I am a collector of sparkly things, I recycle and trade in and out, so to keep it fresh.
Karen Ruane always posts interesting and inspiring pictures of her work space and tools and ledgers.
Make sure and visit her blog, here, Karen Ruane .
Happy Friday!!!


  1. There's definitely something about silver! I've been 'collecting' pieces of tarnished silver and they make perfect containers for things in my studio room. I love the tarnished look so I won't have to worry about polishing it!

  2. You are right the patina makes it so cool.
    This piece is fairly new so not much tarnish yet, I got it for a good deal.

  3. What a fantastic use for the cake stand! I love it, and so would my cat, so it might not be an idea I can adopt.
    Btw I visited Karen Ruane's website yesterday! Great imagination for recycling fabric.

    1. Thank you. Cats move right in don't they?
      Karen is very inspiring.

  4. I'm trying again!! I love your tray Janie. Looking through all those treasures would keep me entertained for hours. Thanks for the link too :) No Sherlock Holmes mystery today though....I did love that description......murder mystery, the ninth hankie!!

  5. Good to hear from you, you're welcome.