Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Crazy Quilt style "Prairie" sewing kit, more embellishment added...

Close-up of embroidery, feather stitch, french knots and beads.

 Progress is being made on crazy quilt style, "Prairie" #3 sewing kit. Beading and french knots can be a little tedious, especially beading. I use a threading tool to get the thread thru the tiny eye of the beading needle. The threader is a bit temperamental, everything has to be done just right.
So to get inspiration and encouragement I visit Sharon B's, .

Chevron Stitch added here.


  1. Threading beading needles is definitely a chore! One thing I've discovered that sometimes (but not always) helps is to try putting the thread through from the opposite side of the hole. I read something not too long ago that said threading is easier from one side because of the way the needles are stamped out in the manufacturing process.

  2. It looks great! I love the feather stitch and use it often.

  3. Is your thread thin enough for the eye of the needle? Are you using a stiff 'thread' like nylon? As the threader takes up space in the needle's eye I prefer not to use a threader. I use a white paper to hold the eye against and put on my reading glasses so I can see clearly, if I use a fuzzy thread I often stiffen the end with a dollop of glue, shape the tip of the thread into a sharp point, leave to dry hard and then can thread the needle quite easily.
    By the way, your hussif is looking GREAT!

  4. Yes, beading takes a lot of time. Love your stitches!

  5. there's layer upon layer of beauty here Janie. Love the richness of the cloth you have chosen.

  6. The texture you have created between the fabric, lace, stitching, trims, and beads is fantastic. I always find beading to be time consuming, but oh so worth it! It looks great!