Thursday, June 2, 2016

Butterfly for June, Log Cabin Flimsy Finish, Hand Quilting Finish!!

June 2016, Monarch butterfly...

Hand quilting finished on my 'Jam Art' quilt, binding sewn onto front.
Finished log cabin flimsy, 54" x 44", Yes!

Log cabin flimsy close-up.

 What's Up Thursday!!

It's the first of the month butterfly celebration! Monarch butterfly for June 2016. We get a lot of Monarchs through here, N. CA. I've seen a few but the big rush is yet to happen.
I'm linking up with Ann's Kaleidoscope of Butterflies .

I've finished hand quilting my small 'Jam Art' quilt and sewn the binding to the front and will soon get it hand sewn onto the back. I'm linking up with Slow Stitch Sundays @ Kathy's quilts.

My wonky log cabin flimsy is finally sewn together. That took a long time, over a year. I'd work on it, then put it away, then work a little more, etc. Getting the blocks set just right in their 'wonkiness' took a little deliberating.

I'm looking forward to enjoying the beautiful month of June, May went by way too fast I think.
With all the butterflys, flowers and birds this is a wonderful time of the year.

Happy Thursday, remember to get outside and soak up the color!


  1. What colourful things you have on your blog post. The majestic butterfly and vibrant quilts. Deliberately making wonky blocks must have been both fun and frustrating...

  2. So many delights! I saw a few monarchs last month but none since. Log Cabins are always wonderful, aren't they? Thanks for linking with the Kaleidoscope of Butterflies again.

  3. Beautiful finishes! I love the colors. Monarchs bring back memories of when I was a child for some reason.

  4. Yes, piecing wonky can be a process. That's why putting it up once in a while gives it a rest and then I'm ready to go again!

  5. Congratulations on two great pieces. The log cabins are beautiful - just the right amount of wonky and truly gorgeous colours. I also like what I see of Jam Art - hoping for a full picture once that binding's stitched down at the back.

    1. I'll make sure and get a full pic. photo, Kaja, thank you.

  6. I don't know about May going by too fast Janie, the whole year has done that for me....I know the sense of satisfaction you must feel from finishing your piece after a year and's beautiful too, well worth the wait.

  7. I've noticed several people about blog-land saying that May went by too fast so obviously you and I weren't the only ones that noticed. For me I find it so hard to believe that the year is nearly half over already. I'm with Kaja in hoping to see Jam Art as a whole.

  8. Blue and orange is probably my favorite color combo, I noticed recently that a lot of my work is done with them. And it's so nice to see someone else appreciates them, to Our!

  9. OMG I hate auto correct, should read "appreciates them, too!"