Monday, May 2, 2016

Butterflies, Big Stitch Quilting, Amaryllis Bloom...

My pink Amaryllis is blooming!

May 2016 butterfly, wow!

Butterfly fabric in my art quilt. I'm hand quilting it with 'big stitch.'

Happy Butterfly Monday! 
I remembered to change my calendar to May and was greeted with a lovely Purple Spotted Swallow
I also realized that the art quilt I'm hand quilting with 'big stitch' has some fabric with butterflies on it.
I'm hand quilting with 3 strands of embroidery floss and using a bigger needle to make that easier.
I'm celebrating butterflies with Ann @ Fret Not Yourself .
My pink Amaryllis is blooming, spectacular. I have a couple of different colors and treat them like pets.
Enjoy your day, and remember to share a smile.


  1. That butterfly is almost too beautiful to be real - wow. I love amaryllis-sssss (amaryll-eye?) - no matter, they're spectacular flowers no matter what they're called.

    1. I think amaryrll-eye sounds good. I googled the purple spotted swallow tail buutterfly and supposedly they are only found in the highlands of New Guinea. So I guess I won't be seeing any of them in real life anytime soon.

  2. It's the season of butterflies, both in quilts, on calendars and in nature. I don't know if you can call Tokyo 'nature' but I saw (what I think was) a huge Admiral fluttering by the other day.
    All the love you have put into caring for your pink Amaryllis there is no wonder it rewards you so with its beautiful blooms.

  3. Janie, I especially like the coordinated colors. :-) So many beautifully warm pinks, purples and oranges. Thanks for linking with our Kaleidoscope of Butterflies.

  4. Thank you, Ann, they're some of my favorite colors.

  5. Beautiful - both the flowers and the butterflies. I like the big stitch.

  6. I can definitely understand treating your Amaryllis like a pet!
    Have fun big stitching and celebrating butterflies! (I love them both - big stitching and bflies).

  7. Thank you, Cathy, your Kaleidoscope quilt is so gorgeous.

  8. Lovely photos, and all in the same colour palette! Enjoy your stitching - it's looking great.

  9. Thank you, Kaja, Your lighthouse quilt,, is looking good, great fabric and contrast.