Thursday, May 26, 2016

Modern Patchwork 2015, Improv Ideas, yes, that's from last year!!!...

More satin stitch, my new ruler from Missouri Star Quilt Co.

Modern Patchwork summer 2015, lots of articles on improvisation.

What's Up Thursday!!!

I'm getting in the 'groove' with satin stitch, getting more done on my embroidery kit, Bohemian Paisley by Bucilla.

Last week I found excellent articles in 'Modern Patchwork', summer 2015. 
'Black and White is the New Color' by Malka Dubrawsky @ 
is full of  improvisational examples, how to's and tips.  
Amy Ellis, Quilting, has a super article, 'Sewing Machine Tension and You' that I'll be studying lots, very practical for quilting on your home machine.

What with hand embroidery and reading great articles, I've been busy in the stitching, quilting world.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for all you who share projects and ideas on blogs and in articles in quilt magazines and books. Great inspiration and fun!


  1. Who cares when a magazine is published - last year or this, it's still great information. When it comes to improvisation methinks YOU should be writing an article!

    1. Thank you MA, You're right about an article's date not being important, good info is good info.

  2. 'Old' magazines are still a treasure throve! Great progress!

    1. Yes, they are still a treasure trove. Thanks.

  3. I look forward to seeing where all this reading leads you!

  4. your satin stitch is perfect Janie and I love the vibrant colours. Having said that, I think you are most definitely the Queen of vibrancy