Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Get your Irish on! and 'Jam Art' by Maple Island Quilts, Nancy Zieman w Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Laying out components of art quilt.

Close-up of my version of 'Jam Art'.

'Jam Art', art quilt pattern by Debbie Bowles, Maple Island Quilts, Inc.

My version of 'Jam Art', approx. 40" x 36", ready for basting.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Get your Irish on!

I saw Debbie Bowles of Maple Island Quilts, Inc. on the Nancy Zieman show on You Tube. 
She was talking about her 'big block' quilt designs, so cool!
I found her art quilt pattern, 'Jam Art' on her .com and had to give it a try, and this is what I came up with. That's my Wednesday progress report.

Nancy Zieman also has a great series with Victoria Findlay Wolfe 
on You Tube here.  
Victoria has an interesting story on her design process and fabulous quilts.

Have a great day, stop to enjoy something beautiful, it makes you more beautiful.


  1. Thank you for the links - I enjoyed exploring the new-to-me artists.

    1. Your welcome, Mary Ann. That's what I like about quilts and embroidery, so many different 'spins' and personalities.

  2. Interesting stuff - thank you. I like that you are still working with the same sort of colour palette as in your last quilts: I like to see how the same colours work in a different context. Very cool.

  3. Thanks Kaja, I'm trying to use up my scraps as I try some experiments.

  4. very cool!
    Hey Janie, email me with your snail mail address, okay? I want to send you something.

  5. Happy St Patrick's Day (late) to you too!!