Thursday, February 4, 2016

Butterfly Colors for February, Finished hand quilting, Improv Log Cabin Blocks

My butterfly calendar, February colors.

I finished the final round of hand quilting on Citrus Rose.

The back view, I love the texture of hand quilting.

'Improv' log cabin blocks in process.

Here's my 'What's up Wednesday'.....
The butterfly picture on my calendar is just lovely, I had to share it for color inspiration.
Then, my Citrus Rose quilt is totally finished, I put off hand quilting that final round, but it's now done.
I'm still adding to the 'improv' log cabin blocks and arranging them this way and that. Maybe another round of blue, I'm thinking. Slow and steady. Really what's the rush?

Also, don't miss this; over at Nifty Quilts, the post, 'Amish Quilt for a Modern Baby', is fabulous.
This is an amazing book, full of 'modern' inspiration for all kinds of art and design. 

"Keep your eyes wide open, you never know what you'll find," Dr. Seuss.


  1. I recognize that butterfly and have seen it in Japan. When we were in Okinawa, we saw a butterfly house full of them. I like the texture of the hand quilting also.

  2. Thanks, Pamela. You see so many amazing things in Japan! Thanks for sharing. .

  3. Congratulations on finishing Citrus Rose - I too love the texture of the hand quilting.

  4. Thanks, Kaja, your Saturday photos are beautiful.

  5. Butterflies are such amazing creatures. I was lucky enough to visit a butterfly conservatory once and will never forget so many of them landing on us and flying about.

    1. They are amazing, and that sounds like a fun adventure.

  6. Citrus Rose is fabulous. I love your hand quilting. The colors are also lovely, but those brights on the improv log cabin blocks are more to my liking. I'm going to love this quilt when it's finished. Choosing fabrics must be such fun--just pull your favorites and your pretties! We have an Insectarium in New Orleans (about 3 hours drive) with a butterfly garden. It's amazing and fun but especially with the little granddaughters.

  7. Thank you, Mary. I enjoyed your quilts and butterflies on your blog, Thanks for sharing.