Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Log Cabin Blocks "Wonky' style and Crochet Scallop Blanket

My Log Cabin blocks 'wonky' style.

They will have another round of 'logs' before I'm ready to sew them together.

I'm crocheting this blanket for my 'Grand Muffin'.

Yesterday the sun came out and I had to dive into color! I added a few more rounds of 'logs' to the log cabin blocks I had set aside and sliced them askew to spice them up.
I'm linking up with Ad Hoc Improv Quilters today, check out the great ideas there.

I loose all inspiration when I try to work with color that doesn't excite me. I tossed out some dreadful patch work I had put together having heard somewhere it was good to use up scraps. Notice to all colors that don't 'work' for me, you will be shipped to the local thrift shop where, someone, with a different taste for color will buy you and love you. It will be a relief for both of us.

I've been working on the Baby Brights Scallops blanket, a kit I bought from Herrschner's .
I started it a year ago for one of my grand daughters and then found out they were moving to Florida. I was sure she wouldn't need it there so I put it aside. Then I found out they will soon be moving north where the temperatures are very cold. So I got it out and I'll finish it up knowing it will be useful. 

That's my creative adventures so far this week.
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Excellent point. Nothing kills it faster for me than trying to work with colors that don't excite me. Good plan to ship them to the store where someone else may be inspired.
    Thanks for linking up with AHIQ. And enjoy your Grand Muffin!

  2. I absolutely agree: no point at all in working with stuff that doesn't do it for you but your colours here are lovely - and they match!

  3. I think Log Cabin is one of my favourite quilt patterns. If I ever made it, I would definitely go for the wonky version (simply because I know it would end up wonky anyway, so I might as well start out that way!).

    1. That's funny! It would be an adventure for sure.

  4. wonky works for me Janie and the blanket?? wow...I LOVE it...