Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy Friday! Amish Crib Quilts book review...

Fair weather here...
Sewing border on...

My copy came in the mail!

Happy Friday already?
Wow, that went fast. I was busy with work and a family birthday.
I managed to squeeze some time in to sew borders onto two 'Piece of Cake' block quilts and plan for finishing them up.
Then 'Amish Crib Quilts from the Midwest' came in the mail and I have been reading through it in all my spare minutes. I highly recommend it, so classic with plain simple design. Back to our roots! I found out about it on Nifty Quilts blog by reading her article, 'Amish Quilt for a Modern Baby.' Such a great quilt.
Also, Missouri Star Quilt Company, has a new tutorial using Victoria Findlay Wolfe's new fabric line, 'Mostly Manor', very colorful. The title of the tutorial is The Sashed Half Hexi Quilt. Fun to watch. 

Have a happy Friday, share a smile, it's healthy!


  1. Smiling back at you! Just came from reading a blog that was showing nearly 20" of snow and then saw your swimming pool. Hmmm - I think I prefer your view!!

    1. Wow! 20 inches of snow. We'll get more clouds and rain here, just when the ornamental cherries have been fooled into blooming then the rain and wind will knock all their blossoms off.

  2. That pool looks so inviting! The colors of the quilt with the border being added are fabulous. I love it!

  3. Wish we had your weather! I like your purple border a lot.

  4. Thank you, purple is great.
    We're due for rain by Wednesday, still winter.

  5. happy Friday to you to Janie......last week and this week!