Friday, September 18, 2015

Wonky Stars and Pacific Blues series progress...

Pacific Blues #2 fly and button stitch added..

Pacific Blues #1, needed a few more fly stitches in orange.

More wonky stars...

More stitches have been added to Pacific Blues art quilts 1 & 2. The inspiration behind them is the ever changing moods of the NW Pacific Ocean. I grew up in the Seattle area. My dad took us to the beach often in every season, sometimes it was rainy and sometimes sunny but always a big adventure. We would see starfish, crabs, mussels and kelp and lots of sand. Great memories.

I've sewn together more wonky stars, Liberated Quilts II by Gwen Marston, style. I enjoy making lots of different components looking forward to begin the arranging, design part. So far I think Kathy's block is my favorite. After a few more stars I will start on baskets and flying geese, wonky style of course.
Happy Friday! Remember to stop and enjoy something beautiful today!!


  1. Love the embellishments! Great memories.

  2. the scattered little stitches are so very precious Janie...more beautiful work from your hands x