Thursday, September 10, 2015

Work Day, Wonky Style Blocks....

My work space set up for cutting..

Some of my stash and scraps...

I'm working through Gwen Marston's book, Liberated Quilting II, as you may already know. Gwen's ideas for liberated quilt making are a great way to intuitively piece blocks and design your quilt. If you run that way this book is a must have! 
Today I've got my work space set up for cutting squares and rectangles etc. I'm going to be making more Kathy's blocks and churn dash blocks. 
Here's a tip, use a lint roller to roll up lint, small scraps of fabric and thread off your work space and floor. Everything stays cleaner with just a little swish.
Have a great day and share a smile!


  1. Great fabric! Thanks for the tip about the lint roller.

  2. Well. Duh. I was just this afternoon muttering about having to pick little bits of waste canvas off my work and even resorted to the old 'wrap a piece of tape around your fingers' method. A lint roller. Who knew? Well, obviously, you did!!

  3. I love this book, so it will be good to see where it takes you. I will definitely go for a lint roller; I am always covered in tiny scraps!

  4. Such a good book to work through. I will enjoy seeing your progress. Like Maggie, I've been using tape. Silly me. Off to purchase a lint roller. Thanks.

  5. Of course tape will work! But if you have a lint roller why not use it?

  6. love the glimpse of your workspace Janie...and your stash!