Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sketchbook ideas for design experiments...

Ideas for color, embellishments, stitched onto card stock...

These will be mounted into a ledger full of ideas.

 I have been working on design ideas with art paper and
embellishments sewn onto card stock. I will add ink, hand embroidery and and maybe water colors. Inspiration from Karen Ruane who makes such beautiful ledgers and sketchbooks full of her inspirations; wonderful, and ideas; many. My theme is winter, always such a beautiful mysterious time of the year for me. A time of rest, and pulling back, a time of dreaming about future beginnings..

Winter design ideas...


  1. What a great way for planning new projects. Please keep these pieces of card stock - they are pieces of art in themselves.
    How nice to hear of someone who enjoys winter!

    1. Thank you, Queenie, yes keeping a ledger, or notebook for design ideas is a great resource. Karen Ruane's wonderful ledgers are
      my inspiration. I took her Alchemy 2013 winter class and she spent a lot of time going into the importance of keeping ledgers. .

  2. you have some fabulous pages here Janie...