Thursday, July 10, 2014

Talking about lace as an embellishment....

I have found  a really great place for fabulous lace and embellishments. The prices are good too;
Tresors de Luxe Lace  , this is where I'm taking my business.
 Their blog has lots of inspiration ,Tresors de Luxe blog . Lace and crazy quilts go together like milk and cookies.
 Where do you find your lace?


  1. what a beautiful shop do realise I am going to blame you when my husband gets the bill for my shopping list from here!

  2. You are right Karen, that is the problem.

  3. Love what you make Janie, it is very inspirational! Thank you for visiting the Tresors de Luxe blog and giving me such a sweet comment I really appriciate it! Have a wonderful week hugs Amy