Monday, July 7, 2014

Crazy Quilt "Prairie" sewing kit progress...

I added beads onto Venice lace...

Hand embroidery added here..
 I had a little time to add embellishment over the busy
4th of July weekend. Lots of family things going on. Some wild fires NW of us. We could see and smell smoke. They are mostly under control today.
Happy Monday!
Tape measure trim added.....


  1. Love your tape measure trim and the red & white fabric (ticking, I think?).

  2. Thank you. Yes, ticking, for the "Prairie" look and feel.

  3. You have added a variety of embellishments for the seams. Love the tape measure trim.

  4. I love it Janie, love the beads, love the stitches, love the way it's all pieced.....sigh.