Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Quilt News! Three Cone Flowers Quilt BB1 QAL Machine Quilting Progress, Four Tiles with Borders BB2 QAL Border Adjustment Progress, My Komebukuro Style Bag Number 4, Happy Independence Day!

My four Komebukuro style bags with Sashiko embellishment.

The backing is yellow batik, upper right corner, and I'll bind it in that yellow batik.

My Three Cone Flowers with Borders Quilt with machine quilting progress.

Four Tiles with Borders Quilt with adjusted borders as of today.

Hello Quilt Friends!
It's happy Independence Week here in the valley.  Vacation is in the air and sun and clouds keep the temperature just right.

I decided on a yellow batik for the backing of my Three Cone Flowers small quilt a Bramble Blooms QAL project by Audrey @ quiltyfolk. I pin basted the layers, top, batting and backing and with a machine quilt plan started in the quilting process, not difficult. The yellow batik will also be the binding in keeping with 'light, dark, light' for good contrast.

My Four Tiles with Borders #2 BB QAL, (again by Audrey), progress is good. I unpicked the dark thin border (can be seen in previous post) and lightened up a few of the saw teeth in the sawtooth border by unpicking and then piecing back in lighter 'teeth'. Looks better, I'm not sure how much bigger to make it I'm still planning.

And I'm in the planning stage for another Komebukuro style bag. I use them for storage and yes they do make good gifts. I like to look at them too, it's satisfying to me to have a project done. I found a good tutorial on adding woven loops to the top instead of a casing to hold the drawstring. The tutorial is by The Green Wrapper , it's clear and easy to follow. Trying something different in each of my Komebukuro style bags is a fun challenge.

That is the news from the valley. And I'm thankful.

Have you started anything challenging lately?

I'll be by to visit!


  1. You are learning a lot with every komebukuro you make. No wonder you like look at them!
    I think you made the right get decisions regarding the sawtooth border although it must have been a little tricky to extract’ those teeth!
    Have a good holiday.

  2. Fun that you are trying something different in each of your Komebukuro style bags! Thanks for sharing the link to the loops.

  3. Love your BB #1 & #2 progress - it's so interesting seeing all the different versions.