Sunday, May 26, 2024

Quilt News! BB2 Quilt Improv Design Challenge Update, Challenge by Audrey @ Quiltyfolk...In the Quiltosphere?

BB2, 4 Tiles Medallion Quilt with second border, piecing not finished.

I started with these 4 'Old Italian' type quilt blocks, influenced by Audrey's prompts. I'm calling them Tiles.

My BB1, 'Three Cone Flowers' in progress with 1st border.


This is my BB1 Three Cone Flowers with 3 Borders top finish.

Hello Quilt Friends! 

More spring showers and more May flowers here in the valley.

I've had some fun with Audrey's BB2 newest challenge following up my BB1 Three Coneflowers with 3 Borders quilt top finish. Audrey suggested 'solid connections' between the two challenge quilts using leftover scraps/pieces and again using 'languishing' fabrics. 'This looks like it could be interesting,' yes!

And so because it's the right time of year, spring, I pulled out my 'languishing' but beautiful Cherry Blossom fabric scraps made in South Korea (South Korea manufactures some beautiful quilt fabric). Then I mixed the cherry blossom fabric with left over scraps/pieces from my BB1 challenge quilt top. I also decided to use the sawtooth border design again.

I liked Audrey's improv blocks but I decided to be a little less improv and did not cut free hand but used a modified stack and whack approach to cutting the blocks. And to me the blocks are the 'Old Italian' block design so I'm calling my blocks 'tiles'. I'm choosing to make smaller projects rather than full size bed quilts. I don't have time or space to commit to more big quilt projects. The smaller size quilts look good on tables.

These projects are certainly loosening my 'design gears,' which in turn lets the ideas roll out smoother, as Audrey said would happen.

That is the BB2 progress news! What are you working on or dreaming up in your corner of the quiltosphere? Did I just make up a new word or what?

Have a great Memorial Day weekend! I'll be by to visit.


Queeniepatch said...

Well, I for one have never heard of quiltosphere! Great word!
I love your new tile blocks. Like real tiles for floors or walls they can be made into lots of formations.
Although Japan is famous its cherry trees I am sure there are lots of trees in South Korea too and such flowers must on lots of prints.
I am still working on my sweater but hope to have time for the Green Man quilt which has been on the shelf for a long time.
Have a grand week.

Debbie said...

Enjoy seeing your Old Italian blocks. I've had fun with those before too!

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

I'm enjoying following along with your BB progress. Loving the fabrics in your tile blocks.

Mystic Quilter said...

Another good start for BB2, you've picked a lovely block pattern for the centre of No2. Another colourful border, you're going great with this QAL