Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Quilt News! Four Patch in a Square Blocks, Tim Holtz Fabric, Sashiko Hand Stitching Project Finish, Spring is Coming, Can You Feel It?

This is what I'm after, Four Patch in a Square blocks, this one featuring Horticulture by Tim Holtz.

Flowers from the local market, imported but lovely.

Stacks of fabrics and Four Patch blocks....Tim Holtz fabric upper left stack.

My glass drying towel finish, using Sashiko and regular embroidery stitching.


Quilt News from the valley! 

Where we have rain off and on and temperatures are a few degrees warmer. And spring is coming, every morning the sun comes up a bit earlier. Day Light Savings switch soon...

Last week I had time for my 4" Four Square blocks. I found them after storing them away because no  inspiration was forthcoming as to what needed to be done with them. Then I came across Beth Shibley's You Tube tutorial on Four Ways to Finish Four Patch Blocks, the light came on, simple yet profound. One of her suggestions is to use a four patch in a square. Great idea and it will use up a lot of scraps and odds and ends.

For my Four Patch in a Square project I'm using some of my Tim Holtz fabric stash, Horticulture and From Camden, two of my favorites, from his Eclectic Elements/Foundations collection.

My glass drying towel with Sashiko and hand embroidery is finished and being used, practical is the word!

And that quilt friends is the news, a finish and a start.

Does spring inspire you to new projects?


Queeniepatch said...

I love your Sashiki projects. Isn’t it nice to have useful and beautiful things around us for our daily chores?
For your four pieces in a square, you have used such great colors - they make the squares look like a heart!
Spring has sprung in Japan with higher than usual temperatures.
All the best

Debbie said...

Especially love your glass drying towel. So pretty and practical.

Robin said...

Four patch in a square is a fabulous idea. I have all the trimmings from the backs of about 10 quilts sitting on my sewing table waiting for some inspiration Nothing goes together. I wonder if this four patch idea would work to use these up.