Saturday, January 14, 2023

Quilt News! Finished Double Challenge Quilt Top, Finished Hand Quilting Scrappy Sawtooth Border Runner Size Quilt, Sashiko Stitching Fun Project

I finished Hand Quilting my Scappy Sawtooth border runner.

Love the big stitch quilting, 37" x 18".

This book by Carolyn Forster is an excellent reference for hand quilting!

My Sashiko project, to be used in my kitchen, each square is 4".

Mostly Green Quilt top finished! 2 challenges in one top! 60" x 60".

Hello Quilt Friends!

We have mostly clear skies this morning after a few weeks of drizzle and rain, refreshing!

And Happy New Year to you!

I've finished hand quilting my Scrappy Sawtooth border runner size quilt, 37" x 18". I used Perle Cotton size 8. And I was inspired and encouraged by reading through Carolyn Forster's book, Hand Quilting Techniques for Farm House Style, A very useful and practical reference/inspiration book.

And my Sashiko hand stitching project is almost done, the backing will be pink linen same as what the front squares are. It will be used in my kitchen to bring cheer. I've been inspired by Sashiko.Lab and a few good books, Sashiko for Making and Mending, by Saki Iiduka, from my local library and my book by Erin Eggenburg, The Mending Directory. Erin's style is what I call a 'hybrid' version of Sashiko. I love the useful, practical aspect of Sashiko.

Also finished my 'Mostly Green' quilt top @ 60" x 60". I started it in response to 2 challenges, a block of the month in green, and I made not just one but many green four patches, sixteen patches and nine patch blocks, with a few reddish squares thrown in to loosen it up a bit. The second challenge was using scale, so starting with 2" squares for the sixteen patch blocks, then on to 4" squares in the four patches and 2 2/3" squares in the ninepatch blocks, each block finishing at 8". I was inspired to finish my quilt with saw tooth borders by reading Mary Hogan's excellent book, Log Cabin Improv. Her section on improv techniques is the best. She explains improv curves, angles, string sets and improv shapes: stack, slash, shuffle and sew and lots more!

Now onto hand quilting!



And that quilt friends, is the quilt news from the valley where we are enjoying sun and praying for peace.

What projects are you finishing up? I'll be by to visit.


Debbie said...

Love the scrappy sawtooth border - what a terrific finish to that piece. Love the hand-quilting too!
Glad you are going to finish your sashiko project - me too, eventually. I think I'll make mine into a runner for my mom. Tho you already know I moved forward to make ANOTHER sashiko piece for myself. I do think I enjoyed it more using the traditional fabric and thread.
And lastly, I really like your use of scale in the Mostly Green Quilt.

Mystic Quilter said...

Both quilting finishes are beautiful, I love your mix of greens and the differing square size.

Kaja said...

I love Mostly Green (I knew already that I would, but it is still nice to see it finished).