Friday, February 14, 2020

Quilt News SAL Challenge 24, Additions to Small Liberated Log Cabin Blocks, More Piecing Units and a Small Quilt Finish

Small Art Quilt finish, this started as a challenge, I needed more time and made my own schedule.

SAL 24 book I'm using for inspiration, pg. 24, Flying Geese.

....said page...

My Flying Geese, made with HSTs, because I had them in my parts department.

Spare parts from other blocks made into new units.

I've been working on this set of liberated Log Cabin blocks for some time now.

Close up view, next will come sashing and a border.

Hello from the Rancho and
Happy Valentines Day!
We have sun and cool temperatures. It's early spring here.

This week I finished a small art quilt started as a group challenge. I realized I was going to need more time to finish this project right. So I set my own time frame, slow! Setting my own schedule freed up the creative juices.
I forget the theme but it was something to do with couture sewing. I left the basting stitches in because I like it that way and used big stitch hand quilting.

Also I read in Julierose's blog about Dawn's SAL 24. Basically you pull out one of your quilt books you've been meaning to go through and using that, you choose either pg. 24 or 42 or 2 or 4 and using the chosen page, piece up 2 or 4 blocks from that page. This is a very relaxed SAL, no deadlines,
just the thing for me.
As you can see, the book I've chosen is 'Gwen and Freddy Collaborate Again' by Gwen Marston and Freddy Moran. It's a used library book, I bought it on Amazon for a good price.

And my small Liberated Log Cabin blocks are shaping up slow but sure. I keep them in a baggie and pull them out occasionally to add to them. They've been around for several months now. They are ready to have sashing sewed between the blocks and then between the rows. 
Slow and steady going.

That quilt friends is the news from the rancho, where I'm making progress unit by unit and I'm remembering to be thankful. 

I'll be by to visit!


Queeniepatch said...

You make such beautiful things with your spare parts!

Mystic Quilter said...

The Collaborate books are are a true source of inspiration, lots to read and look at and try out!
Your liberated Log Cabin blocks are amazing, wonder what your will choose for the sashing!

sewyouquilt2 said...

Love your projects. So fun. The liberated logs are so fun.

Kaja said...

As usual I like everything you are doing. I'm especially taken with your log cabins and the way they vary in shape but still look coherent all together. Also those green squares made from strippy triangles really please me a lot.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I like the textures that are in the first project - very inviting to the touch I think.

Karen said...

the next to last image had me drooling much work already accomplished.... yet more work to come joining the pieces. The best kind of work. I hope you are well xxx