Saturday, May 4, 2019

'Ponies' Quilt Top Finish, Improv Piecing for my Medallion Style Log Cabin Quilt, American Quilter Magazine and a Rainbow.

Piecing improv border for my Log Cabin quilt below.

My Log Cabin improv/liberated quilt waiting for another border.

'Ponies' medallion style quilt top finished, my design.

I'm making HSTs for a new idea I have, inspired by Gwen Marston's book, 'Free Range Triangles.'

'Color Fade Quilt in Reds' piecing directions, this looks like another good idea.
We hiked after dinner and got showered on and then treated to this rainbow.

Happy May, another beautiful spring month!

I've been improv piecing a border this week, to add to my low volume Log Cabin Quilt.
Medallion style, a center with borders, has been my focus lately.
I should name this quilt something else, Like maybe 'Cabins on the 
Beach,' I'll give it some thought.

Then I finished the 'Ponies' quilt top, again, it's medallion style. I enjoy the fabric border with ponies in the print. It's by Cotton + Steel Rifle Paper Co. It will make a little girl smile.

HSTs are stacking up for a new design idea of mine, inspired by Gwen Marston and Carol Jones's book 'Free Range Triangles.'
Red in all it's glorious variations will star. The Color Fade Quilt directions came with the layer cake stack of Spectrum Reds by Cotton + Steel. That would make up a nice quilt too.

Then there's the beautiful rainbow we saw on our after dinner hike after being showered on. You can see the Pacific Ocean in the lower right with the Catalina Islands in the background. Living on the coast is an adventure.

Have you picked up and read the new American Quilter Magazine published by AQS? Or the newest Quilting Arts Magazine published by Interweave?
Both are packed with great design, ideas and quilters adding their exciting take on making quilts.
Lots of inspiration in those two publications!

That's the news from the rancho, where I'm remembering to be thankful, getting things done and enjoying the spring.

I'll be by to visit!


  1. Your 'ponies' quilt will be perfect for any little girl, very pretty! And I love all your HSTs in assorted reds! Must admit, I've stopped buying magazines lately, they are very expensive here in NZ.

    1. The pony print is adorable and I'm getting attached to it. I leave the quilt top out so I can appreciate it. Soon enough it will be quilted and finished and sent off.

  2. As always your post is full of gorgeous colour. I like the ponies quilt a lot, especially the variety of borders, and your new reds are looking good too. I wish we got some of those magazines over here, but they are almost impossible to find.

    1. Thank you Kaja. Borders are an under explored design feature as far as I'm concerned. Gwen Marston, who recently passed away, researched antique quilts and pointed out that many antique quilt makers regularly used borders in their quilts. Another good idea ready to be dusted off and given a new a new lease on life.

  3. Your log cabin quilt absolutely glows - not sure if it's because it's hanging in a window or if it's because of that wonderful turquoise fabric. Either way, it's gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Mary Ann. Yes, the turquoise is amazing along with the Wasabi/yellow green. Right now they're two of my favorite colors.

  4. Your color sense always draws me in. And the medallions are such a good idea to use different blocks in a top. Love them.

  5. I was immediatley drawn to your 'ponies' quilt....there's just something so very eyecatching about the pattern mix....