Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Log Cabin Blocks, Small-Large Scale, AHIQ #30 Challenge, Jera Brandvig Designer

These log cabins are built on a foundation, I basted the centers down.

The small blocks at 4" the large blocks at 7 1/2".

Playing with layout possibilities.

Happy Thursday! 
from the Pacific NW where it's still winter and we have rain and cool temperatures.
Happy March, spring is coming. The neighbor's miniature daffodils are up and looking cheerful in yellow.

And it's time for Ad Hoc Improv Quilt challenge. Where Kaja and Ann are hosting the current challenge that has to do with scale. 
I'm working on a small, 28" x 28", log cabin quilt, with large and small blocks so I think that fits into the challenge. 
Thanks Kaja and Ann for hosting. Stop in to share and get inspired!

And Jera Brandvig, author and fabric designer, who blogs at 'Quilting in the Rain' has designed very beautiful fabric reminding me of spring. If you're longing for a spring color fix, visit and see for yourself.

Share a smile!
I'll be by to visit.


Kaja said...

I like the black and whites you are mixing in with your lovely clear colours - it's a great combination. Thanks for linking up with AHIQ and for joining in with the challenge - there's so much to be learnt by looking at all the different takes on this.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Love log cabin blocks ...

Pamela said...

The bright colors are cheery. I think spring is coming.

Ann said...

I am always impressed with the quality of your work while you're away from home. Great projects, lovely colors, finding inspiration where you are. Freddy Moran encouraged me to use black and white when I took her class. You are very successful with it and remind me to try again. Thanks.

Queeniepatch said...

So colourful, 100% Janie!

Mystic Quilter said...

You're making good progress with these lovely blocks and they're good sizes to work with.

vaiybora said...

wow !!! it really beautiful so much.i like your good idea Thanks for the inspiration!


Janie said...

Thanks Ann.
Freddy Moran is a color diva. When I look through her books I'm always thrilled by how she uses color.

Cathy said...

Oh, that's a fun idea. I never thought of mixing sizes of log cabins. I especially like the way you have kept two sides in the same fabric on most blocks.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Log Cabin quilts are among my favourites and if I were to ever do a sane quilt again I think that would be the pattern I would choose. Love the colours you're using!

Janie said...

I'm roughly following a pattern, Welsh Folded Log-Cabin by Tonye Belinda Phillips, and using scraps that need to be used up.
Today the blocks got trimmed and pressed. Progress!