Saturday, July 1, 2017

La Conner Quilt Museum, Butterfly Garden and Volcanoes

We went on a road trip to La Conner, WA, 1 1/2 hr.s north.

Pacific NW Quilt and Fiber Arts Museum  in La Conner.

Butterfly garden across from the museum, part of the La Conner Garden Club.

View of the Swinomish Channel from the Butterfly Garden in La Conner.

Entrance to the La Conner Garden Club Butterfly Garden.

Entering Anacortes, WA, north of La Conner, gateway to the San Juan Islands.

Mt. Baker, looking out east over Fidalgo Bay from Anacortes.

In Stitches Quilt Shop, Anacortes, great little shop.

Mt. Rainier over the neighborhood where we're staying in Renton, WA, this afternoon.

Hello from the Pacific NW!!
Happy weekend and Happy 4th of July!!

Things have been busy around here, I haven't had time to do a new post but I'll squeeze this one in.
I have more great photos to share and hopefully when it slows down around here I'll get photos of projects posted too. This morning we left on a road trip driving north.

We drove to La Conner, WA home of The Pacific NW Quilt and Fiber Arts Museum, formerly known as La Conner Quilt and Fiber Arts Museum. It's a great museum situated in a beautiful town. For Kaleidoscope of Butterflies, hosted by Ann and Cathy I'm sharing the photos of the Butterfly Garden across the street from the Pacific NW Quilt Museum.

From there we drove on north to Anacortes , where I got to visit the In Stitches Quilt Shop. 
This is another scenic town, they call themselves the 'Gateway to the San Juan Islands.'

The weather was fabulous and I had to put up the photo of Mt. Rainier taken in our neighborhood here this afternoon as we drove 'home.'

That's a lot for one day. I'm done here.

Again, have a good weekend and a Happy 4th of July.

I'll be by to visit!


  1. What a nice place, with quilts and butterflies, too!

    1. Yes, it's beautiful and the sun was shining!
      Your stitch for this Sunday is perfect for fill in texture.

  2. Quilts and butterflies - sounds perfect!

  3. I've visited a couple of butterfly gardens but never saw a single butterfly when I visited. Did you? I've basically planted a butterfly garden here at home but they sure don't visit when I'm looking. It doesn't help that the deer eat a lot of the plants down to nothing, darn it!

    1. There were butterflies in the area, but not in the butterfly garden while we were there.
      Deer are opportunists aren't they?
      Maybe if we called the gardens 'deer gardens' then the deer would stay away and the butterflies would show up!
      I think we're onto something there.

  4. Your road trip looks great, and that final picture, of Mt Ranier, is fantastic.

    1. On a clear sunny day Mt. Rainier is striking, get out your cameras.
      Then there's lots of days when it's hidden behind clouds.
      So when it 'makes an appearance' it's spectacular!

  5. What beautiful scenery. A garden club sounds so friendly. And they made a town park. How lucky to visit it. Even better that it's across from a quilt museum. Enjoy your time.

  6. You are finding some interesting shops on your road trips. Seeing Mt. Baker makes me wish that we were heading out there to visit our son and his family so we could see it again too.