Sunday, July 9, 2017

Calico Creations Quilt Shop, Mt. Vernon, WA and a Farmer's Market.

Mt. Vernon WA, very popular, healthy food and deli.

Calico Creations Quilt Shop, super interior layout!

Their arrangement of quilts and fabric bolts is done so well.

More sample quilts, gorgeous colors.

Calico Creations store front..

We also stopped at local farmers' markets around Mt. Vernon.

Happy beginning of the week!!
From the Pacific Northwest where we are staying with son and daughter in law and enjoying our grandson, who is now a year old.

The photos are from last weeks road trip north to Mt. Vernon  / La Conner, Washington.
It's rural with farmland, rivers and wildlife, a lot of wild birds live and migrate through that area.

Old town Mt. Vernon has good shopping and restaurants. One of the best quilt shops I've visited,  Calico Creations, is in old town. The lighting and shop layout couldn't be better. They have a super selection of fabric and classes. Maybe I'll move there and take all their classes.

I've had time to work on projects this week and I'll get the photos posted soon to share. I'll be by to
visit and see what you've been doing.

Enjoy your summer and if you get a chance support your local farmer's market!
Fresh berries are delicious.


  1. I envy you! We never seem to have quilt shops like this in Japan. It's the place you can spend a week and still not see all or get tired of it. Love the doggy quilt on the wall.

    1. I like that doggy quilt too, the doggies make a fun contrast down the center.

  2. So interesting to see your holiday pics. The colourful 'scrappy trip around the world' looks very effective up on the shop wall!

    1. Thank you Linda, yes, that 'trip around the world' is a beauty.

  3. Must be that time of year for quilt shop visits, I've just been along and bought a few new KF fabrics!

  4. I'm with Queenie - I've never seen American type quilt shops here. Maybe because there isn't enough space, for the shop or the fabric stash in people's homes.

  5. Definitely jealous of your visit to that quilt shop! Wish we had something like that here. There's a quilt shop but the lady that runs it isn't a nice person so you don't dare walk in unless you plan on spending a fair bit. She frowns on having to put a small purchase through her books so you don't dare just go in wanting just wanting a spool of thread. How she stays in business remains a mystery.

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