Wednesday, July 26, 2017

AHIQ # 23 'Coins in the Sun' Finish, Gossypium Quilt Shop Issaquah, WA

My 'Coins in the Sun' finish, AHIQ challenge.

The back of 'Coins in the Sun'.

My current AHIQ project, liberated log cabins in a row.

Gossypium Quilt Shop interior.

Another view, lots of colorful sample quilts on display.

The entrance to Gossypium Quilt Shop, Issaquah, WA.

Hello from the sunny Pacific NW!
It's summer time here, where we're enjoying walks in the park, bar-b-ques and chasing after a certain one year old grandson who is very busy.

Last week we went on an explore to check out Gossypium Quilt Shop
, located in Issaquah, WA; about 25 minutes north of Renton.
They have a wonderful shop and interesting classes available. I signed up for the Improv Piecing class by Debbie Jeske of A Quilter's Table blog .
I'm looking forward to that!

I'm linking up with Ann and Kaja with Ad Hoc Improv Quilts . Celebrating the Ad Hoc thing or in other words having fun with design and color.
Thanks Ann and Kaja for hosting.

I hope you're enjoying the summer and maybe running through the sprinkler or at least getting your feet in a pool.
I'll stop by to visit soon. Have a great day!


  1. You make these wonderful quilts with a back that is as colourful and fun as the front! Love the contrast in the border, too.
    There are so many great quilt shops in the States! One feels as if one could live there!

  2. I know you're having fun with your grandson. What a treat to be able to spend so much time with family. Still loving your Chinese Coin quilt, front and back. Thanks for linking with AHIQ.

  3. So happy to see your Improv Quilts, both lovely sunny pieces. Mostly, though, thanks for all the Nw photos. We lived there for about 25 years and the memories just flooded back. Our last home was in Mt. Vernon. I loved,the natural foods store there. The quilt shop is newer, but Magpie Sue shops there and loves it. La Conner, Pike Place, I miss them so much here in WI, especially the ocean. Luger Sound is the most beautiful place in the country. Enjoy every minute with your grandson, too.

  4. Great finishes. You are on such a grand adventure.

  5. Both quilts are so happy looking! I can tell you're having fun with this!

  6. Something about your use of colours always makes me smile. Coins in the Sun is lovely, back and front, and I especially like the orange triangle border.

  7. Looks like you successfully met both AHIQ challenges!

  8. How I wish I were out in that general area and able to play with our wee grandson too! Definitely have a wee bit of jealousy going on! Lucky you to find another fun quilt shop and be able to take a class there.

  9. the shop looks amazing!! How lovely to be chasing your Grandson....I know you wouldn't want it any other way x

  10. Your butterflies quilt is lovely! I love the border and the soft toned-down palette you used!