Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Quilt News! Improv Saw Tooth Border Tutorial, Log Cabin Improv Quilt Pin Basted, Hand Quilting Progress, Zinnia Needle Point Project Finish!

Improv Saw Tooth Border tutorial #1, cut two contrasting fabrics the same length and width.
Improv Saw Tooth Border tutorial #2; layer fabrics right sides facing up.
Improv Saw Tooth Border tutorial #3; slice with gentle angles, slip bottom fabric on top every other 'tooth.'
Improv Saw Tooth Border tutorial #4; with right sides together sew 'teeth' together with 1/4" seam, continue until all 'teeth' are sewn together then press seams to one side.

Log Cabin Improv quilt pieced back view.

I'm hand quilting my Log Cabin Improv quilt with Pearl Cotton #8.

Zinnia needle point project is finished, 5 x 5"!

 Hello Quilt Friends! 

Fall is right around the corner, exciting right? I enjoy the seeing the pumpkins and squash at the local markets and farmer's markets. Our family's fall birthdays are coming right up too.

This week I'm working on hand quilting my Log Cabin Improv quilt. I'm using Cotton Pearl #8 in Topaz. And in my last post I wrote that I was going to hand baste it but I did not! I pin basted it and that works out fine too.

I'm starting to piece together new Improv Saw Tooth borders for my small quilt mug rugs and table/kitchen mats as you see in the brief tutorial above. I'll have them finished for gifts for the holidays soon. I think they'll be colorful and useful.

And I finished my Zinnia needle point project. Needle Point is like a color puzzle to me and I enjoy the challenge. I think mindset has everything to do with hand work. I'll block it and tack it to a 5 x 5" frame. I don't put my pieces under glass, just preference. 

And that is the news from the valley where soon fall colors will blaze the landscape.

What fall projects are you working on? I'll be by to visit!


Debbie said...

Always fun to see the variety of projects you are working on. Yay you for working on holiday gifts already!

Mystic Quilter said...

You are truly on a roll here! great projects in the works.

Queeniepatch said...

I look forward to seeing the ‘teeth of your saw cut into the border’. Thanks for the tutorial.
The Zinnia needle point is vibrant with color. It will be perfect together with your other colourful art.
Soon nature will also be ablaze with colours.

Kaja said...

I love a sawtooth border!