Saturday, April 30, 2022

Quilt News! Scrappy Small Improv Quilt Piecing, Stitch Journal Embroidery Progress, Hand Quilted Sample Finish, Free Style Embroidery Project Finish

Queen Anne's Lace Freestyle Embroidery Project Finish.

19" x 19" started in 2018, inspired by a photo, slow stitch!

Blanket Stitch and French Knots added to front of my Journal of Stitches.

I added some silk ribbons to the back page for embellishment.

My Running Cross Stitch hand quilting sample finished.

My Scrappy Improv Small Quilt project in progress...

This is a fun mix of mostly neutrals, the coral just had to be there.


Hello Quilt Friends! April showers bring May flowers!

I've been working on hand stitching, adding embroidery to my Stitch Journal and finishing up my Running Cross Stitch hand quilt sample. I was inspired to stitch the Running Cross Stitch hand quilt sampler by reading Carolyn Forster's book, Big Stitch Quilting, A Practical Guide to Sewing and Hand Quilting. It is a wonderful book with clear instructions and good projects. I'm looking forward to stitching up a few more hand quilt samples, next will probably be the Mennonite Tack.

I'm glad to get back to more hand stitching, it's relaxing and enjoyable. 

For a while I was caught up in the 'Make Thousands of Quilts as Fast as You Can' group. I started asking myself, 'What is the point of making hundreds of quilts as fast as you can?' I know the fabric manufacturers and quilt shop owners want us to buy more and more fabric and the expensive sewing machine companies want us to buy bigger, more expensive sewing machines all the time. And maybe some women after retiring have the need to push themselves into anything and everything.

 But aside from all of the above, aren't hand sewing and quilting supposed to meet a practical need for all women of all economic backgrounds? I know I've read that and I know women of very few means that still manage to piece and hand quilt beautiful quilts.

That's been my thoughts the last couple of years.  I'm getting back to the basics and recognizing the commercialism for what it is, all about money! Commercialism has it's place, but if that is your driving force then maybe in a couple of years you'll either burn out or start thinking for yourself, hopefully.

Again I recommend Carolyn Forster's book, Big Stitch Quilting, A Practical Guide to Sewing and Hand Quilting. Carolyn also has good YouTube tutorials on hand quilting. 

And that is the quilt news from the valley!

I'm remembering to be thankful and I'll be by to visit.


Kaja said...

I agree with your thoughts about the commercialization of quilting and have tried to find my own ways through that. Your Queen Anne's lace is lovely - one of my favourite things to walk by where I live.

Queeniepatch said...

I, too, agree with your thoughts. Although commerce and money-changing-hands are important for healthy finance of the nation, when it comes to a hobby, I think the focus should be on enjoyment and creativity. Making scrappy quilts is a good way to use what you have in a creative way. Adding a few embroidery stitches can liven up any simple quilt. You have proven that with your new projects. I am so happy to see more of your beautiful hand stitching.

Debbie said...

Always enjoy seeing your handwork - this time especially that running cross-stitch. I'm going to check out Carolyn's book.