Saturday, January 13, 2018

Borders and Sashing, Making Units or 'Bits' for Summer Project

Summer improv project with two borders added of string and saw tooth units.
Getting ready to pin and sew on another border.

Fifth border sewn on with string and saw tooth units.

My butterfly blocks are separated by 3/4" sashing.
They are mini blocks, 4 1/2" sq w/o seam allowances.

Happy Weekend! 

from the Pacific NW, where the temperatures have thawed and we have mist and clouds.

I've been busy sewing on sashing (butterfly blocks) and borders (summer improv).
In reading through 'Improv Patchwork, Dynamic Quilts Made with Line and Shape' by Maria Shell,
I've been reminded to pay attention to basic construction details we all know and practice (most of the time:), simple things like pressing new seams open and pinning before sewing that seam. Those two, time consuming little steps do make a difference. For instance, pinning eliminates 'wavy' borders.

And Maria in her chapter, 'Putting it All Together', talks about 'bit making', in other words, 'making a lot of smaller units' to be arranged into a bigger design. That idea makes the design process accessible and understandable. 
That's the buzz here in the shire, reading good books and making progress.

I hope you enjoy your day and remember to share a smile!
I'll be by to visit.


  1. I love seeing your creativity! I need to remember to press the seams as I go along. Gorgeous quilts!

  2. I particularly like the way you are using black and white in your summer improv; it's extremely effective.

    1. Thank you, Kaja.
      The black is actually navy blue and the border outside the white border is purple.

  3. Your quilts are really one of a kind. Love the choice of colours.

  4. Your multiple borders look effective. I hope to see details when you’re finished.

  5. Replies
    1. Hi Maureen, thank you.
      I'm inspired by your brave use of color, delightful!

  6. For some reason (my mind does tend to work in mysterious ways!) the Summer Improv project makes me think of marine signal flags. Love the colours in both quilts.

  7. love the vibrancy of the top piece Janie...
    I hope you're well? x

  8. Thanks, Karen.
    Yes, I'm well, so far haven't been hit by flu although
    family members have come down with it.
    I'm eating lots of veggies and fruit, supposedly that
    helps your immune. Celery anyone?

  9. Very nice! Im going to add sime bits to quilt today!