Friday, September 8, 2017

Basting Quilts, National Honey Month and Wildfires

'Bees in the 'Burbs', Maple Valley  WA, purveyor of fine honeys.

Honey paraphernalia for sale inside 'Bees in the 'Burbs.'

Bees in the 'Burbs , various honey for sale...

Wildfire smoke in Enumclaw, WA about 25 miles SE of Renton.

My 'Kiwi Mimosa' small quilt in liberated triangles with batik binding now basted.

This is 'Santana Row' now pin basted, 60" x 18".

We got home with our honey and had to make Huckleberry scones to go with it.

These are beautiful thank you cards I ordered from Rifle Paper Comp.

Greetings from Renton Washington in the Pacific NW!
Where we are enjoying the antics of our one year old grandson and taking time to sightsee.

We took a road trip last week to buy local honey to celebrate National Honey Month and to get a glimpse of smoky Enumclaw, WA. where firefighters are working to put out wildfires. The smoke and ash were thick here in the Renton highlands and we found ash on our screens and window sills. And cars and lawn furniture too.

The honey we bought from a family that run their honey business from an industrial park outside Maple Valley, WA. They call their business, Bees in the 'Burbs.' Cute name, and they have their own bees local; clover honey,  they also import from B.C. Canada; fireweed honey and California; orange blossom honey. We bought the local, clover honey, beautiful amber color.
Then we had to make Huckleberry scones to go with the honey. Delicious!
The recipe we found online at The Rowdy Baker. It turns out she's more fun than rowdy.

Also if you need greeting cards visit Rifle Paper Company. They have gorgeous designs and they have beautiful fabric; Tapestry and Rosa being two of my favorite fabrics.

I managed to get basting done on a couple of my quilts and binding cut for my 'Kiwi Mimosa' ( is that a fun name or what?) in a turquoise batik from Jo Ann Fabric made in India.

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend.
Remember to celebrate National Honey Month!

I'll be by to visit.


  1. Beautiful batik to bind a gorgeous quilt. Honey and scones sound delicious!

    1. Thank you, Pamela, come over for brunch, scones and honey.

  2. That honey shop looks fantastic! I like your blue batik binding; it should set off Kiwi Mimosa nicely.

  3. I love the cabinetry in the second photo - it's obviously been created to reflect the beehives. Our youngest grandbaby just turned one today....lucky you to be able to spend time with yours.

  4. Congratulations, Mary Ann.
    We do feel blessed to be here and share in the fun.

  5. Scones go so well with honey!
    The card is romantic and very different in look from your geometric quilts. Great colours, and batik goes so well with your quilts.

  6. enjoy your time with your grandson. The fires are very scary, we saw about those here. Are they dyeing down now?