Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Butterfly Fabric and Quilt and Kaleidoscope for May

Monarch Butterfly for May 2017
My butterfly project has more rows added, interviewing going on here.

Black and white butterfly fabric by Jennifer Sampou for Robert Kaufman .

I'm capivated by this fabric.

Hello and happy Wednesday from sunny Rancho Palos Verdes.
This month's calendar butterfly is the Monarch butterfly. 
They are a milkweed butterfly which means they lay their eggs on milkweed plants and eat milkweed plants. They also migrate thousands of miles. We see quite a few of them around here.
I'm linking up with Ann and Cathy for Kaleidoscope of Butterflies , in appreciation of butterflies!

I'm adding more rows to my 'Liberated' butterfly quilt/runner. I've decided it's going to be runner size,
approx. 44" x 20". You can see it in the photo above as I was 'interviewing' block arrangement on my 'design' blanket.
My design blanket is my pineapple fleece blanket, it's very cozy in the evening when it gets cool and it doubles as a design 'wall' during the day.

My order from Missouri Star Quilt Comp. came in, fun time. I ordered black and white fabric with butterflies on it by Jennifer Sampou for Robert Kaufman. It's delightful and I do have a weakness for a good butterfly fabric as you might have guessed. I'm putting it to use right away.

I hope you're getting some work done on your projects and remember to enjoy the beautiful spring happening around us.
I'll be by to visit!


  1. I like the grey and beige added to the butterfly blocks. It will make a great runner.

    1. Thanks Pamela for stopping by, I think the binding will be a bright pop of color to finish it off.

  2. Black and white is not COLOURFUL, but offers a lot of beautiful contrast. See the butterfly, and see the butterfly fabric. Enjoy playing around with your purchase.

    1. Yes, I know it's not my usual 'bright' but I think I can make it work just the way I want it to all the same.

  3. I really like your little butterflies. The change of background fabrics adds so much to the look.
    Thanks for linking with Kaleidoscope of Butterflies. I need to buy some butterfly fabric myself; it looks so pretty.

    1. Thanks Ann. Kaleidoscope of Butterflies is full of inspiration, I do like Cathy's moth butterfly blocks, love the colors.

  4. I like the mix of pale shades in the background to your butterflies; it works beautifully.

  5. oooh - what wonderful fabric!! I can see what you wanted it. Monarchs are my favourites - so colourful. We had our garden on the garden tour one year and had planted some milkweed for the flutterbyes and were taken to task over it. In our area milkweed was (and probably still is) listed as being a noxious weed and therefore to be ripped out and destroyed. We were prepared to fight to the death for the right to have it but fortunately it didn't come to that.