Thursday, April 6, 2017

Midnight Quilt Show and a Lighthouse

Painted Lady butterfly at Point Vicente.

One of many goats at Point Vicente kept there to keep the brush under control.

Point Vicente and light house.

Point Vicente Lighthouse closeup.

Happy Friday from Rancho Palos Verdes!

Today for fun we visited the Point Vicente Interpretive Center. It's a good spot for whale watching and walking around the nature trail. Goats are kept there in fenced areas to keep the brush down and they are entertaining to watch. There's also a working light house on the point closed to the public except on certain days and times for tours. It's only about a mile away from where we are staying.

Angela Walters hostess of the Midnight Quilter Show ,
has a fun tutorial, 'Wallflower Variable Star' on Youtube.
In fact she has several tutorials and all are entertaining. Each 'show' features a different quilt pattern which Angela pieces together. Then she machine quilts it giving ideas and tips.
Enjoyable and she is a hoot!

I hope you have a good weekend. Don't forget to share a smile and I'll be by to visit.


  1. I thought ost lighthouses were defunct as ships are equipped with radar, satellite guides and other technical wonders.
    I wonder if the grass the goats are snacking on is salted, with sea salt?!

    1. Well I guess not all are closed for business.
      The grass and brush are probably salted, on a windy day I can smell the salty sea, it's in the air.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Lighthouses are enchanting. I want to live in one!

    1. On a sunny calm day, yes.
      On a stormy windy day, no.

  3. I love lighthouses. I was raised on Lake Michigan in the USA and spent almost every possible day at the beach and always walked the walk out to the lighthouse. I often what draws my love of them. I'm with Pamela. It would be wondrous to live in one.

  4. So many lighthouses are no longer in use and it's so sad. Nice to know there's at least one that's still operational.

    1. A lot of boats go by that point, container ships, fishing, tour, pleasure boats. There must be a need for it.
      Your embroidery is beautiful.