Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Small Quilt Project Heaven, Art Quilt Piecing.

The little Prince plays, he's almost 3 months old.

Another 'liberated' butterfly small quilt, blocks are 4 1/2 x 2 1/2".

'Sew Charming' a book full of small quilt ideas!

New strip fabric and blocks for art quilt.

Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, windy and sunny.

We ate lunch at The Old Salt in Hampton, New Hampshire.

Hello from balmy New Hampshire!

It's warmed up and rain has melted most of the snow. The sun came out today and so off to the beach to see the Atlantic Ocean. The Atlantic is beautiful but disorienting for me because I'm so used to the ocean ( the Pacific Ocean) being in the west. We ate lunch at 'The Old Salt' a famous restaurant. It's been around for a long time and many visiting dignitaries have eaten there too. Their pictures were up on the walls. The food was excellent, I had pastrami on rye with tomato melt with sweet potato fries and a pickle.

I'm continuing experimenting with 'liberated' butterfly blocks, this time using a rectangular block in red and white.  I like the look, more to come.
Art quilt components are coming together with strip fabric ready to be cut into blocks.

Then, since I have been on a small quilt run, I found this great book, Sew Charming, Scrappy Quilts from 5" Squares by Mary Etherington and Connie Tesene, tons of inspiration! 

Hope you're all doing well this Wednesday.
I'll be by to visit!


Pamela said...

All great pictures! Three months old already! Time flies. Looks like you had a great outing and I love your beautiful blocks.

Janie said...

Thank you, Pamela.
Your pictures of your visit to the garden park in Naha are beautiful also.

Queeniepatch said...

Your liberated butterfly quilt is so beautiful in the sunshine.
Your Prince is so cute in 'lay mood'.
Your choice of eatery so tempting.
Your weather so beautiful.
Have another great week.

Janie said...

Thank you, Queenie.
Your embroidery stitches and triangle quilt project are looking good!

Ann said...

Great idea to use rectangles for the butterflies. And your grandson looks very smart, of course.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

We were watching videos of our little man this morning and were totally mesmerized by cuteness. Ours is just over 4 months old and how we wish we could just snatch him up for cuddles. Love the orange in the last picture!!

Kaja said...

Your wee boy looks adorable. I love the red and white and using a rectangle works well. I am intrigued by your art quilt pieces.

Unknown said...

All your pics are just wonderful. The grand is just adorable. I am really drawn to the butterflies. What size are the red squares? The simplicity of this is just so soothing to look at. Thank you for sharing your pics. Very inspiring!