Friday, January 15, 2016

Scrappy Three in a Series, 'Liberated' style, and a Finish....

'Liberated' square in a square blocks framed with sashing and borders.

Three in a series, 'Liberated' style using scraps.
My daughter finished her quilt for my 'Grand Muffin'.

 I've been putting together three small quilts 'Liberated' style, nod to Gwen Marston. In the top photo, I've framed square in a square blocks with sashing, cornerstones and borders.

The second photo shows all three quilts in this series of scrappy 'Liberated' style small quilts. Small quilt #1; rail fence blocks, #2; square in a square blocks, #3; four patch blocks, soon to be bordered. Working in a series does three things for me. First, I get faster at the process and second, I have more time to play with contrast. Third, I make small quilts to experiment with ideas for bigger quilts.

The third photo is my daughter's finished quilt, just right for Miss Muffin.Congratulations!

Happy Friday!!
Did you know birds still sing in the rain?


  1. Beautiful! I love seeing your colorful quilts. The birds on my balcony still talk to each other in the falling snow.

  2. Nice to see the 3 liberated quilts all together and the top one looks great with the borders on. I like your daughter's quilt too.

  3. I like working on more than one quilt at a time too. They are usually at different stages of the process, so I can pick whichever process I am in the mood to do. Love that first one with the purple sashing and green cornerstones.

    1. Thank you, Shasta. Designing quilts is habit forming.

  4. I would never have thought of putting bright (lime) green with orange, but you did - and it's wonderful. It's my favourite I think.

  5. pretty pattern and happy colours everywhere!