Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Maintaining my Own Garden...art notebook...

Quote from Rachel Ashwell's book, Shabby Chic Interiors.

Doodles from my notebook.

More ideas from my notebook.

Page ripped from Elle Decor Magazine, stapled in my notebook.

My butterfly calendar, note the colors.

My copy of Rachel's book full of classic inspiration.

Why keep an art notebook? I keep a note book to catalog inspiration and my doodles. Ideas and inspiration have a tendency to fly out the window and get lost as fast as they came. I document ideas from other sources carefully giving credit where credit is due because it's never cool to plagiarize.
This morning I took 15 min.s for 'play time', as in Victoria Findlay Wolf's book, 15 Minutes of Play, Improvisational Quilts.
I got out my notebook and reviewed ideas and got out some scraps and worked out a few things. 
The stage must be set. 
Use what you have, where you are and some really amazing things can happen. 


  1. great idea to keep a notebook Janie and it's coming together beautifully. I love how you are layering with paper

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  3. I always think I should do this, but it hasn't happened yet. Yours is encouragement to keep trying - thanks. :-)

  4. My 'notebook' always seems to end up being scraps of paper. I should really try to do better! It was fun to peep into yours....

    1. I'm a collector of colorful scraps of this and that and I have a stapler, glue and tape so that's where my notebook comes from. I look at it when the creative juices run a little dry.