Thursday, December 31, 2015

Color Predictions 2016 and AHIQ linkup.....

My contribution to Ad Hoc Improv Quilting link up #4

Some of my 2015 projects starting from the right....

More recent work on the left....
My colorful butterfly 2016 calendar, talk about inspiration!!

Pulling out some practice Square in a Square blocks I added sashing and corner stones. The Square in a Square blocks were not all the same size; should I make the smaller ones bigger or the bigger blocks smaller. Smaller won out and some points were sacrificed but I'm all about color and technical perfection ain't my style. And so I offer my contribution to AHIQ #4.

I looked at some of the projects I've completed this year, taking  note of the color journey. Quilts and projects are to me about the color story. Color reminds me of events and places I've been in my life. I always steer to the light and the contrast.

I found this amazingly colorful butterfly calendar and I knew it would be a priceless tool for ideas this coming year. So here's to hope and more color adventures, loving contrast and dispelling darkness! 
Happy New Year to you!!


  1. I think I would recognize your work anywhere Janie. Can't wait now to see what you create using your calendar inspiration! Happy new year to you and those you love.

  2. Happy New Year to you too! Those butterflies should be a fantastic source of inspiration, I look forward to seeing where they take you.

  3. I like the way you sashed your strips. The triple border with narrow inner and outer borders is lovely, too. Thanks for linking up with AHIQ.

    1. Thank you! So much inspiration in AHIQ.