Friday, November 13, 2015

Hand Quilting, Citrus Rose 2, Liberated Log Cabin

Oranges on my orange tree are almost ripe.

Hand quilting Citrus Rose 2 with three strands embroidery thread.

Coffee and black berry coffee cake anyone? Come on over!

Happy Friday! Share a smile!


  1. Blackberry coffee cake! Yum! I'll come over ;-)

  2. Coffee, black berry coffee cake AND maybe a fresh orange from your tree? Wait for me.....

  3. Three yummy pictures! I want to see more of the hand quilting.

  4. Wonderful on all three counts!
    I've never tried hand quilting with embroidery floss - doesn't it tangle? Or do you wax it? I have used perle cotton before, and love that - but embroidery floss comes in soooo many more colours - I can see more possibilities adding up :-)

    1. Embroidery thread has its own 'way' and can be fussy, but it I like the colors and so I'm willing to put in a little extra to get the look.
      and really once you understand how it tends to act up you're ready for it and just carry on.

  5. Thank you for making me smile! Good things are served in your house! Enjoy the quilting.