Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Pacific Blues Art Quilt #2 fly stitch WIPW

Pacific blues art quilt #2 WIP Wednesday, fly stitch and running stitch have been added the last few days. Also, more beads have been sewn down. I like fly stitch it's organic, living and unpredictable when you want it to be.
For fun I've been researching Kantha and Sashiko stitch. Basically they are a running stitch used for reinforcement and decoration. The Indian, and Japanese cultures have an amazing tradition of beautiful embroidery. Talk about inspiring! 
I always say, "Stop and enjoy something beautiful," well, I've been doing just that and it's refreshing.


  1. Beautiful embellishment! The running stitch is so basic and still so decorative. There are many beautiful sashiko patterns that are done with such a simple up and down running stitch. I think the beads add a lot to this piece!

  2. Janie, this is developing into something special. You are so observant, yes I've changed things into a new gear. I'm glad you like my new look, its all building towards my blogiversary in Sept. I'm going yo post about it real soon. Thanks for being the first to say something!