Thursday, July 30, 2015

Happy World Embroidery Day... what memories do you have?


Happy World Embroidery Day!
I was always drawn to color whether in nature or fashion, or the colorful embroidery in my grandmother's house. My grandmother's embroidery was her on pillowcases, dish towels and table cloths. I loved them because she had made them and there was colorful embroidery thread in them. So it was natural that I too learned to embroider with that colorful thread.
I've been doing a bit of research into the 'roots' of embroidery and it appears the art of embroidery has a very glamorous and ancient history. The East Indians have done and are doing amazing things with embroidery and color. They've been known for their skill in embroidery and embellishment for centuries. Embroidery is a fascinating subject.
And here is a link for textile enthusiasts, Hand & Cloth
They support 'dignified work to skilled women artisans creating beautiful, functional textiles.'
They sell traditionally made Kantha quilts. I think that's a great idea, have a look.


  1. My maternal grandmother was an embroiderer and quilter and I suspect I inherited my interest from her. One of my youngest memories is of being allowed to 'push' the foot pedal on her treadle machine while she sewed. I'm not sure how helpful I really was, but she made me feel as though she couldn't have done it without me. I guess that feeling stuck. (thank you for the interesting link....wonderfully beautiful things there).

    1. Thanks for sharing your story, I love those stories!

  2. Oh Janie.....the link is amazing! So much temptation. I hope you had a fantastic World Embroidery Day :)

  3. I learned to stitch with my grandmother. My first projects were stamped pillow cases and dresser scarves. JPCoats embroider floss cost five cents a skein and I used my weekly allowance to get all of the colors available.