Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Garnet Beach series... and art quilt embellishing progress....

Garnet Beach #2 in a series, 38" x 21".

Garnet Beach #2 is made of just two blocks....

 I had time this week to get my Garnet Beach blocks pieced together. Garnet Beach is in the San Juan Islands off NW Washington state. In the summer sun it is magical with the sparkling white sand and the garnet pebbles.
The different muslin whites make the sand and the colorful batiks make the garnet pebbles.
Raspberry Fizz has had hand quilting added and lots of running stitch added. I feel industrious this week; 'strike while the iron is hot'.
Isn't it funny how that comes and goes?

Raspberry Fizz art quilt close-up of stitching progress....


  1. It's good to read the story/inspiration behind the project. Both quilts are beautiful. Great progress.

    1. Thank you, Pamela, I think you're right about stories because I enjoy your pictures and the stories behind them too, http://hokkaidokudasai.blogspot.com/ .