Friday, February 13, 2015

Practicing Machine Quilting for art quilt....

Practice muslin piece, 2 layers.

Straight stitch for outlining.

Today was a work day, practicing free motion machine quilting, then machine quilting one of my batik art quilts.
There is a good article with tips on free motion quilting in Quilting Arts Magazine, the Feb. March 2015 issue.
As you can see in the pic.s I have my free motion quilt foot off and my regular foot on,which I used for outlining the blocks. The free motion foot was used for the practice muslin piece.
I don't machine quilt my large quilts on my small home machine, backbreaking. One of my friends has a big quilt machine that does wonderful work,  she and her quilting machine are the best! 
How do you get your quilting done?
Now I'm tired of work and must relax, Happy Friday to you!


  1. I agree, machine quilting is backbreaking and the larger the quilt the more the back breaks!
    I would hand quilt my quilts, especially the wholecloth or appliqué as there are only the three layers and no seam allowances to bother about.
    In Japan I think it is hard to get a quilt long arm quilted...
    Your quilts will look great, and the only thing you need to think about is taking breaks from the quilting before your back breaks!

  2. Why is it hard to get a quilt long arm quilted,is that because everybody hand quilts their quilts?

  3. the top image is beautiful!! I love those marks...

  4. Free motion quilting isn't something I am comfortable with - haven't done enough of it I guess. My sane quilt will be long armed once I get it to that stage - provided, of course, that I'm not too ashamed to have anybody see it at that stage!!

  5. I'm a hand quilter, but would like to learn free motion quilting.