Monday, February 9, 2015

'Love in a Meadow' #2 art quilt finished!!!

'Love in a Meadow' #1 & #2

Close-up of #2, embellishing and hand embroidery details.

 I finished my deconstruct-reconstruct project, 'Love in a Meadow'. The final embellishing, embroidery and binding is done!
I like working around themes and using series, the focusing is challenging and helps define style.
Altering and layering gives movement and dynamic, creating a new statement.
Check out Jane Lafazio's blog, she has a beautiful, interesting artistic style and offers classes and mini tutorials. She is a great inspiration to me.
Have a great day and stop to enjoy something beautiful.

'Love in a Meadow' #2,  finished embellishing and binding.
This is 'Love in a Meadow' #1.


  1. This is great! Thanks for the link.

  2. How appropriate to have this lovely quilt ready in time for St Valentine's Day!

  3. what an incredibly beautiful quilt Janie....

  4. As always I love your use of colour, and the blend of traditional quilt patterning and collage is great.

  5. Thank you, MA, I appreciate your encouragement and find lots of inspiration on your blog, .