Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Search for Inspiration is on..

Roses in January, found at a local shopping center; The Fountains

Embellishment of sewing kit ' Chocolate n' Raspberries' continues..

Inspiration 'booklet' made from colorful pic.s from Romantic Homes

 I found inspiring color in different places this weekend, the rose still blooming with three hopeful buds at a favorite shopping center in January, how brave. Then I took an old issue of Romantic Homes and tore out colorful  pic.s and trimmed and tore the pic.s again and shuffled them, then stapled them to form a little book of wonderful color inspiration.
Good to do with your old magazines, sometimes you get combinations that are just amazing and get you all charged up.
 How do you find color inspiration?

Romantic Homes is one of my fav. magazines, this is the newest issue.


  1. I keep looking at those sites where you can load a picture and it generates a color scheme but I haven't gone so far as to do it. For now I just tend to muddle along and do what feels right (which anyone who knows color would probably tell me was dead wrong!!).

    1. Every one is different and has different ways of doing things, you way is for sure not 'wrong' . You are
      'intuitive', you just know what works. Sometimes my intuition is out to lunch and needs a bit of a reminder
      to get back on task. So that's what I'm talking about, Jumpstarts.

  2. When I did the Sumptuous Surface Embroidery course with Sharon of Pintangle, one step was to collect colour samples from magazines. We fuzzy cut colours (from text, adverts, backgrounds, you name it) and then made a mosaic. That was a good way to see the value of e.g. pink, 'isn't this beige colour rather pink, is this purple or pink, next to this green it looks pink but next to another colour it looks pale blue... were the thoughts in my head.
    I usually get inspiration from other people's clothes, how a well dressed person has combined colour and someone else has 'missed the mark', or indeed, I get inspiration from nature, the explosive colours of tropical fish or the gentle shading on a trout, the displays at a florist's...

    1. Thanks for sharing that, such great ideas, Queenie'.

  3. you always share such beautiful images, rich in colour. Thank you!