Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Why is Color so Important and Yet so Misunderstood......

I'm busy making yo yos, using silks, eyelet, tulle, batik etc.......

My color wheel, a very important tool........

 I was thinking today that color is so important to a project's eye appeal ( that 'pop' thing). Why is it that so many don't have a clue as to what makes the colors in their projects lack pizzazz? It's very simple, they don't understand color. To some people the ability to use color well comes natural. For everyone else there are tools that really help. Using a color wheel and understanding what value is; dark/light, is a start. Then add practice, experimenting; this is training your 'eye' by using it. A well made color wheel will have good directions that are easy to work with. The Sew Red Glasses are handy, but squinting to see placement of lights/darks works too. Is your work all light or all dark? If there is a mix of both your eye moves and takes in the details. Color is the thing that makes it sing.
This is my work in progress, check out Sharon B's Pintangle WIP to see other artist's projects.

Sew Red Glasses, 'color value made simple'.


  1. Beautiful yo-yo's and great post about color.

  2. A color wheel is your friend, for sure.

  3. For those lucky enough to have 'an eye for colour' it is easy to make a quilt sing, the outfit stylish and the home beautiful. For the rest of us it is as you say, training and paying attention. Isn't it often so that we just reach out for the first bolt of fabric or skein of thread that catch our eye?
    Your yo-yos are fun, I've never seen them worked up in net before.

  4. Thank you, Queenie, I enjoy your insights and use of color.

  5. love your mass of coloured yo yo's! I was once told I was afraid of colour...hmmm, probably true.

    1. Thank you, Karen, you afraid of color? Ha! I don't think so, it's all about how we play, go along with the crowd or be scandalous once in a while and get gossiped about by people who secretly wish they had the guts to be you.