Monday, November 3, 2014

Crazy Quilt style, silks and taffetas, Strawberries and Chocolate series, new sewing kits....

Strawberries n Chocolate sewing kit #1

Different view showing the silk turquoise inside.

I made progress on my Strawberries n' Chocolate sewing kits, Yey! I got the batting and silk lining sewn in. That turquoise silk is certainly lovely, I should have bought the whole bolt. I will next sew on the crushed velvet ties then make up the needle keeps, with felted wool, get them sewn in and finish the embellishments.
They have a nice feel to them. I'm excited to get these rolling.

Strawberries n Chocolate #2 , smaller than #1

Another view of smaller version, there is no embroidery on this one yet.


  1. I think these look as though they would be so soft and 'poufy' (which I know isn't a word, but I can't think of another one that fits!).

  2. Thank you, and I love that word, poufy, they are both poufy!

  3. These colours are really pleasing, I can almost taste the strawberries and white chocolate.

  4. such beautiful colours Janie and you allow them to live side by side perfectly with your treatment of them, the embellishments...

  5. Thank you, Karen, yes, I gave them a pep talk about working together so we can all be beautiful together.
    Then we all had to go out for a beer and play pool.