Friday, July 25, 2014

Happy Friday from pear heaven..

Gorgeous delta pears.

 We took a day trip to the Sacramento River Delta today. So much beauty, so many orchards and vineyards, very lovely. I bought 10 lb.s of pears for $10.00 what a good deal. I plan on making pear jam, scrumptious.
Stop and enjoy something beautiful today and happy Friday!

Sacramento River delta grown pears.
10 lb.s of pears for $10.00, great price.


  1. that's definitely a good deal!! They are so expensive to buy here....I hope you're having a lovely weekend. x

    1. thankyou, Karen, have a good weekend yourself.

  2. Yum!!!!! Can't wait for pear season here (but have to say it's rather a bittersweet thought because it means it's fall and the dreaded winter is just around the corner).