Saturday, September 24, 2016

Big Stitch Hand Quilting, Farmer's Market, Quilt Shop....

Zinnias at Peter's Farm, loads of color!
We're at Peter's Farm Market, Salem, New Hampshire.

Chrysanthemums Wow.

Mini pumpkins, Indian corn, fall has arrived here.

Pine Tree Quilt Shop, Salem, New Hampshire, great fabric selection.

My liberated four patch with log cabin surround, hand quilting work in progress.

Hello, from the East coast!!

In between sight seeing, visiting local farmer's markets and going to parks with our grand daughters, I manage some time to get hand quilting done on my 'four patch log cabin surround'. I've found a quilt shop in town, Pine Tree Quilt Shop, very friendly and good atmosphere. That makes being away from home much easier.

I must get going, things are hopping around here and I'm needed.
Keep stitching and sharing, I appreciate being able to check in on all of you and seeing what you're up to, thanks!!

Happy Weekend!!!


  1. Autumn! I love it. It hasn't come to Shikoku yet, but I'm looking forward to it. I'm glad you have time to work on your quilt.

  2. It is a lovely season and the larder gets filled with goodies of Autumn. Your quilting life will also be filled with goodies from the new quilt shop!

    1. You are right! Autumn is a fun season. New quilt shops are great to explore.

  3. You have some great photos today - all those flowers! We don't get hot enough in the summer for autumn to seem like a good idea to me at all, yet here it comes. Enjoy the new quilting shop when you get a chance.

  4. Oh, the colors of New England fall are so vibrant. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks Ann. The temperatures here have made a drop and the colors are coming on now.

  5. love the colour at the farmers market Janie...and well done finding a fabric shop!! Yay!!